The Everlasting Covenant

In the name of the I AM That I AM
And in the name of All that Is
I do hereby lay claim
To my divine birthright and destiny
As guardian and emissary of the
Power, wisdom, and love of Mother-Father God.

It is with pure and surrendered heart
That I call unto Thee, Beloved of my soul,
To bear witness to this everlasting oath
I now resound throughout the heavens:

Take me.
All that I AM
All that I was
All that I shall ever be
I give unto You, my Lord God.
I do hereby surrender
My free will into Thine
To live and reign as One.

Let my thoughts be only Yours
My words the same
And my deeds all-the-more
For I proclaim before You, this day,
To now walk as Thee
In full radiance and splendor
To glorify my name as Thine
And to serve Thee, the God in me,
With all of my being.

I do hereby release
Any claims made against Thee
Originating in separate existence from Thee
As do I, likewise, surrender all desire
Save that which is Yours for me.

I surrender unto Thee
All prior embodiments
As well as this life I now live
With thanks and praise
For what they have bequeathed unto my soul.

It is with consummate joy
That I accept these gifts as my own truth
Now freely choosing to walk this plane
Before the Light of all Creation
As the embodiment of unconditional love.

Forged by the very hand of God
Shall this covenant live and reign forever
As the oath and promise of my ascension.

Praise be to God
And peace to all peoples on Earth.
Hosannah in the Highest.

- Louix Dor Dempriey

(To listen to Louix reciting this sacred and alchemical prayer, please click here.)

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