The Everlasting Covenant

Much more than a prayer, these words of Scripture---Divinely sent to Louix Dor Dempriey and first delivered to the world on 20 June 1998 at the Festival of the Christ in Los Angeles---resound, reaffirm, and thus deepen the alchemical marriage to The Beloved. Reciting this as part of your daily spiritual practice will lead you into the exalted state of surrender to God.

This audio excerpt was taken from The Everlasting Covenant  (meditation CD). To purchase the complete recording click here.

(Running time:  3 min. 13 sec.)

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  1. Comment by Kirsten McKenzie:

    Thank you for giving me this powerful life changing tool Louix and now you are Pranananda and pretty busy but NZ is still here and i’m finally gettin focused and so keen to connect and rock out the Ashram here in Raglan, I just gotta go sort some cash out was going to train horses which can generate lots which could buy land here…. if this is the plan please bless it and direct me in the endevour….my power ego is all yours and ask for your guidence please and pull me up if i get carried away please thank you, kirsten

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