Since Louix's first ashrams opened in Southern California in 1997, devotees and disciples have often used devotional singing and chanting as a spiritual practice to invoke the Divine presence and express their love and adoration for God. His ministry worldwide has always drawn on devotional music from various cultures and traditions as part of its mission of uniting all peoples on Earth as one family in the heart of God. Devotion to the Guru (one's spiritual Master), to Mother/Father God, and to the deities and saints of various religions are all included in this amalgam of sacred homages.

In July 2009, several members of Prema Drala (Louix's Southern California ashram) formed Pranam, the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation's first formal devotional chanting group. Led by Ron Hansen, these musicians from diverse backgrounds have come together to infuse traditional devotional music with a contemporary feel to create an uplifting musical experience. They currently lead devotional chanting events in the Southern California area. For more information about Pranam, or for booking information, please contact Ron Hansen.