Louix Dor Dempriey introduces himself and some of the core principles of his teachings.


Accountability—The Fast Track to Spiritual Growth

Louix explains one of the hallmarks of his teachings: Nothing outside of self exists. He describes the world as a hologram of thought form, wherein everything and everyone is a reflection of an aspect of ourselves. Seeing the world in this way—with a focus on self-reflection and self-inquiry—is the fastest path to spiritual growth and soul evolution.


Understanding Victim Consciousness and Projection

Louix speaks about the concept of projection (blaming others), which, he explains, comes from a basic ignorance of the Universal Truth: There is nothing outside of self. We have created everything and everyone in our lives to either reflect our divinity or reveal areas where we can become greater love. With this awareness, we can consciously become co-creators of our world at a causal level, and prevent the need to manifest challenging initiations.


What it Takes to Become Enlightened

Louix reveals the four core aspects of consciousness that one needs in order to attain God-realization.

We are all created by God, as God.
Whatever you place your focus on, you become and create.


What is Enlightenment?

Louix demystifies the concept of Enlightenment, providing a thorough understanding of what it is and how to attain it, and then describes the many tiers of Enlightenment.

God is infinite love, infinitely expanding.
You can always become greater love.


What is the Ego?

Louix dispels the widely-held belief that the ego is “bad” and needs to be destroyed. Rather, the wayward ego “personality” needs to be gently re-parented so that it works in harmony with God’s will.

The ego was Divinely designed to be the steward to the soul.
In other words, it is the aspect of one’s consciousness
that was created to put God’s will into action.


The Key to Mastering Life’s Lessons

Louix explains that real transformation/healing comes from more than just reading books (even Scripture). At some point, ones must face their demons, open the dungeon doors within their consciousnesses, and apply what they have learned in order to become greater love and attain inner peace and self-mastery.

"While you can escape an entire incarnation,
you cannot avoid a single life lesson your soul needs you to have."


Feeling is Healing

Expanding on his proverb “Feeling is healing. Denying is dying.” Louix explains the importance of truly feeling our emotions and of breaking down the walls we have built around our hearts over time.

A wall is not discerning.
The same walls we build around our hearts to keep us from getting hurt,
also keep us from feeling and receiving love.





  1. Comment by Paula:

    Having just listened to each video from the top to the bottom to see what help I can get to dissolve what I have created its nice to know when all the work is done I reach the Outtake and how great to be like that each day! Thank you Louix for your teachings God bless you

  2. Comment by Helen:

    Thank you Guruji, so grateful for your teachings …Outtake …what more can I say. You always make my heart sing 🙂 Wishing you and all you Ashrams many blessings.

  3. Comment by Pierre:

    Dear Louix, of all videos i have to say that i prefer the outtake we make what we want of it and it gives us joy in the end even if there is no other way than self realisation the choice we have is to surrender or resist and delay the process 🙂 I only have one question maybe you will have the answer why did God want that process to take place? I understand our souls wanted it but i am asking about the step before that.
    It would be great to have your input 🙂
    God bless you.

  4. Comment by Candice Lisle:

    These videos answered so many questions. Thank you for explaining these ideas and concepts so beautifully. Thank you for sharing God’s energy and Love with us.

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