One Day Retreat – 22nd October 2016 – with slideshow

On October 22nd, Louix held a One-Day Retreat at the Center for Spiritual Living in Mission Viejo, CA. The retreat attendees included 23 people who attended in person, and another 21 people who joined in online from all over the world. After Mike Mollenhauer gave the opening remarks and prayers, Louix arrived to begin the event with a beautiful darshan that left many in bliss, and others resting on the floor from all the emotion and energy they experienced. After a quiet post-darshan meditation, the group gathered for lunch and enjoyed chatting with each other.

After lunch,  we presented Louix with a gorgeous garland to begin an amazing afternoon session of enlightening guidance. Louix gave a powerful discourse on the importance of having a Guru. Many people believe that Gurus are not necessary. However, just as we need someone to teach us how to be an expert in our professions, or coach us as an athlete, we also need spiritual Masters to teach us how to master the Art of Living. The ego loves/prefers books and disembodied Masters/Gurus because they cannot call their students to account. The ego’s single greatest talent is disguising its voice as the voice of God. Louix reminded us all how honesty with ourselves is key to healing. Louix gave this discourse in response to a question from one person who felt she was not progressing spiritually. He then shared with this particular person how she does not want to delve into her own psyche. Her goal is to be freed of everything. Louix helped this person to work through her issues with authority (which stops her from trusting). There are three priceless things spiritual Masters can do: 1) True Masters can see through all falsehoods; 2) They have the ability to transmute your karma; and 3) They can give you a direct experience of God (they can take you to God).

Later in the afternoon, in response to a question from a woman about the pain she had been experiencing in her body, Louix explained that all pain is resistance to God’s will on some level. The woman said she finds herself avoiding things because she is in so much pain. Louix suggested she practice Tai Chi and/or Qi Gong (energy movement), as these will help her learn that the conscious experience of pain can be transcended. Pain offers us the opportunity to transcend and to find our resistances. Louix explained to her that about 18% of the pain she experiences, her soul agreed to take on for others. He reminded us and encouraged us to look at our agendas and ferret them out, as they cause pain and suffering. Louix then told the woman that a fair amount of the pain she was experiencing (40%) was due to resistance to what God has asked her to do. By looking at her agendas and at her resistance to doing what God has asked her to do, she has the ability to get rid of 60% of the pain she experiences. Then Louix explained again that God did not create suffering—people did—but God allows it because it is the fastest way to wear down resistance and increase surrender.
The remainder of the afternoon was filled with enlightening guidance on issues such as forgiveness, accepting our families, surrender, and so much more! What an amazing retreat. 

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