Holy Days

Throughout the year, the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation celebrates Holy Days honoring many of the world's major religious and spiritual traditions (in addition to those that the Foundation has established), as an expression of the Foundation's guiding principle that we are all the peoples of the world are one family residing in the heart of God. It is the honoring of all cultures and all faiths that will remove the barriers that have long existed among Earth's many peoples, the same barriers which have instigated many of the wars on this planet. To celebrate and honor these days, Louix's ashrams and study groups create sacred ceremonies that include prayers, devotional singing, meditation, shared meals, and community service.

The Holy Days for 2021 are:  (*These dates are for the Northern Hemisphere.)

13 February The Divine Romance
7 March Anniversary of Louix's Enlightenment
11 March Shivaratri
20 March Spring Equinox*
2 April Good Friday
4 April Easter
22 April Earth Day
26 May Wesak
20 June Summer Solstice*
24 July Guru Purnima
10 September Ganesha Chaturthi
22 September Autumn Equinox*
31 October All Hallows' Eve
1 November All Saints' Day; World Vegan Day
15-17 December Louix's Birthday Celebrations
17 December Louix's Birthday
21 December Winter Solstice*
25 December Christmas
31 December New Year's Eve