One Day Retreat- 21 April 2012 – with slideshow

On April 21st, Louix hosted a One-Day Retreat at the Center for Spiritual Living in Mission Viejo. Forty-one people attended, and the day began with Louix welcoming everyone before he started a powerful guided meditation, wherein he took us to Egypt and up to the summit of Mt. Sinai. Many shared afterwards that this meditation was one of the most powerful ever experienced.

After lunch, Louix began counseling those who asked questions. Some of the topics throughout the day included:  employment, death and the grieving process, how to deepen your relationship with God, spiritual partnerships, and why it is such a blessing to have a Guru to help us. After the Q&A, we spent the last hour singing along with Pranam and Louix.

                                                                                                       [slideshow id=6]


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