One-Day Retreat – 17th May 2014


On May 17th, Pranananda led a One-Day Retreat at 42 La Serra for 29 participants. After prayers and introductions, Guruji began the day with a love-filled and transformational darshan, after which he had everyone stay in silent meditation while the energies were so powerful in the room. The group then enjoyed a delicious array of food from Veggie Grill, a nearby vegan restaurant, while socializing and sharing stories with one another. After lunch, Guruji asked if anyone would like to share his/her experience of the darshan or the meditation that had followed. Some of the experiences described included feelings of oneness, gratefulness, immense peace, less physical pain than before the event started, and so much love.


Next, Guruji opened the floor for questions people may have had about their lives. It was a powerful afternoon of counseling.    Pranananda covered many topics, including dealing with anxiety, lack of self- worth and how that might tie in with ovarian cysts, why we need to use protections from Darkness, controlling behaviors and detachment, how blaming God and being in victimhood can affect us, invoking Grace in our lives, and what Guruji sees when we come up for darshan. Everyone felt so loved, illuminated, and very grateful. The day capped off with some beautiful tunes from Pranam.


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