Louix’s Visit to Australia – March 2015

During the month of March, the Australian community was overjoyed to spend time with their beloved Guru, who arrived into Melbourne for a three-week visit, only five months after his last trip in October 2014!

As with all of Louix’s visits to his “other home,” this trip was action-packed, with multiple events, gatherings, and outings. There were more magic moments during this whirlwind trip than words or images alone could capture. Below are some of the highlights of the trip:

  • A sumptuous Asian-themed dinner (attended by 37 guests) held in honor of Louix’s arrival into Melbourne, followed by an impromptu ecstatic singing that “blew the roof off” the Ambon Street home. What a way to kick off the trip!
  • Two public Darshan events, both held at the home of Helen and Michael Lindsay, which attracted many new and returning faces to receive Louix’s blessing. Both events saw many people experience profound healings, particularly of physical ailments, as well as loads of laughter, heart openings, and experiences of Shakti.
  • Two nights of ten-pin bowling, the first held at Forest Hill AMF, and the second at a new venue, Strike Bowling, Glen Waverley. Bowlers and non-bowlers alike enjoyed a fun and relaxing time with Guruji on these special evenings.
  • A movie night where Louix screened “Fearless,” followed by a powerful discussion and discourse on what it truly means to surrender and let go of fear.
  • A beautiful evening of Ecstatic Singing, where Louix led the ashram band, Namavali, in devotional songs, whilst simultaneously blessing everyone in the room with his love.
  • Disciple Training (also the anniversary of Louix’s Avatar Realization), which comprised of heart-opening devotional singing by Namavali, followed by many people recounting their healing journeys since Guruji’s last visit.
  • A Men’s Gathering, where Guruji invited the attendees to ask questions and receive his guidance on various issues and concerns—from how to cut back on sugar to how to find a new job.
  • A Women’s Circle, during which Guruji offered attendees the opportunity to seek his guidance, which covered topics from the meaning of migraines to how to end a marriage with grace.
  • A lavish picnic on the grounds of Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens, where everyone had the chance to relax, play games, and bask in the perfect sunny weather.
  • An Italian-themed dinner where Louix bid farewell to his Aussie family, but not before engaging in discussions, lila telling, and a final Shakti infusion that sent the whole room into fits of ecstasy and laughter!


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