Louix’s Visit to Australia
14 December 2017 – 10 January 2018

It was with great anticipation that the Australian community welcomed their Guru back to his “second home” on December 14th. For most, this was the first time seeing him in a year or more, so the excitement and anticipation of what was to come was immense. Guruji’s magical month-long visit was filled with back-to-back events, gatherings, and outings, and culminated in his 6-day New Year’s Eve Retreat, held in the Dandenong Ranges (just outside Melbourne).

There were so many beautiful and mystical moments that transpired during this transformational time, the highlights of which are captured below:  

  • A group gathered at Melbourne Airport for the arrival of their Guru on December 14th. That evening, 35 came together at the Ambon Street ashram home to partake in a
    Middle Eastern-themed feast. After Guruji arrived, everyone joined in a circle in the backyard ready for a food blessing. This quickly turned into a massive shaktipat blessing from the Guru which lasted for almost an hour before the meal was enjoyed by all.
  • An Evening of Ecstatic Singing, led by Guruji and ashram band Namavali (comprising Bonny, Ron, and Lisa), was held in honour of the first day of Guruji’s birthday celebrations on December 15th.
  • The following day (December 16th), people gathered to collect rubbish at Holmesglen railway station for a Day of Service.
  • On December 17th, Guruji gave Darshan on the day of his 56th birthday—a sublime evening where Louix shared his love and blessings with 80 people who came to celebrate.
  • A fun and relaxing evening of ten-pin bowling was held at Forest Hill AMF on December 18th.
  • A beautiful Women’s Healing Circle, held on December 19th, took the form of a “Question and Answer (Q&A)” evening wherein Guruji proffered pearls of wisdom for every person in attendance, on topics including surrender and detachment, and healing victimhood through forgiveness of ourselves and others.
  • An equally profound Gathering of Men was held the following evening (December 20th), wherein many of the attendees received guidance on personal issues and took the opportunity to deeply bond in their spiritual journeys.
  • Disciple Training, held on December 23rd, began with devotional singing led by Guruji and ashram band Namavali, followed by an opportunity for those in attendance to receive their Guru’s guidance on personal issues and concerns. There were many profound insights offered by Guruji, which, as is always the case, had pearls for every person in the room.
  • A gorgeous vegan feast, followed by Guruji’s traditional gift exchange, was held on Christmas Eve at the Albion Road ashram home. Uncontrollable laughter erupted multiple times during the gift exchange, and everyone left the evening replete with Light and love.
  • On Christmas afternoon, a group gathered for a relaxing afternoon of fun and interaction with Louix, and to partake in a picnic of vegan snack foods, in the picturesque Melbourne Botanic Gardens.
  • Guruji’s New Year’s Eve Retreat, which comprised 6 days/5 nights at The Country Place in Kalorama (on the outskirts of Melbourne), was held from December 29th through to January 3rd. Fifty-three people (from Australia, U.S.A., and France) came together to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of transformation and unconditional love. Highlights of the retreat included:
    • The opening dinner (held on the evening of December 29th) was an opportunity for participants of the retreat to gather for the first time and share a vegan buffet meal. This was followed by an Evening of Ecstatic Singing, led by Guruji and Namavali.
    • A transformational darshan event the next morning (December 30th), was followed by Guruji’s traditional altar ceremony. Afterwards, people shared about their experiences of darshan, as well as many (often miraculous) stories of how they manifested coming to the retreat.
    • On the evening of December 30th, a guest performance by a magician
      “The Amazing Nigel” topped off the day’s events.
    • The morning of the eve of the New Year began with Louix leading a sublime guided meditation, wherein everyone was nurtured and had various ailments healed by a cadre of angels. A discussion about the meditation experience afterward led to an immensely powerful experience of shakti throughout the room.
    • During the afternoon, Guruji, as part of a Q&A session, debunked many common misconceptions about Death and Dying, and also reviewed Tools for Self-love.
    • That evening, after a review of 2017—The Year of Unity, Guruji gave his Divine Dispensation for 2018—The Year of Friendship, which was broadcast live to viewers around the world at 11:30 p.m. on December 31st. After toasting the New Year and hugging each person in the room, a dance party ensued until the early hours of the morning!
    • The afternoon of January 1st, Guruji gifted each person a special package containing Boji stones and an essential oil blend “Happiness” (each individual bottle personally hand-crafted by Guruji), both of which will help embellish and harness the energies of The Year of Friendship.
    • A Q&A session followed, wherein Guruji gave profound insights into the topics of Relationships and Dating.
    • As a special treat for everyone, Guruji facilitated two back-to-back movie screenings (Eddie the Eagle and The Green Lantern) on the evenings of January 1st and 2nd, which were both followed by a discourse and discussion about the lessons in each.
    • On the morning of January 2nd, Guruji, in a state of Samadhi, immersed the room in his unconditional love as he silently blessed everyone present. As he locked gazes with individuals, hearts exploded with love and bodies were healed in one of the most remarkable experiences of his love.
    • That afternoon saw another Q&A session, which focussed on various issues related to Parenting and Child-Raising.
    • On the final morning of the retreat (January 3rd), many shared their transformational experiences during the previous 5 days, followed by an emotional closing ceremony. A final lunch was held, during which Aliyah Rose’s 6th birthday was honoured.
  • A farewell dinner was held at the Ambon Street ashram home on January 9th. Everyone gathered in the backyard for a food prayer, and Guruji’s presence—once again—initiated a Divine electrocution of the 35 people in attendance before an Italian feast was enjoyed.
  • Several bid farewell to Guruji at Melbourne Airport on January 10th.

It is difficult to describe what transpires when Guruji visits our community; and we hope that our words and images provided herein capture the essence of what was a month of immense transformation, healing, and lots of fun!



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