Louix’s Visit to Australia, December 2015 – January 2016

On December 9th, the Australian community welcomed their Guru back to his “second home” for a month-long visit (his second in 2015). This trip was replete with myriad events, gatherings, and outings, and culminated in the 6-day New Year’s Eve Retreat, held in the Dandenong Ranges, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Some of the highlights of this magical month are described below:

  • A beautiful greeting from members of the community, including 4-year-old Aliyah Rose, as Guruji and Sambodhi arrived at Melbourne Airport, on December 9th. Later that evening, 40 people gathered at the Ambon Street ashram home for an Asian-themed welcome dinner. This was followed by devotional singing, led by Guruji and ashram band Namavali, which filled everyone’s hearts with love and anticipation for the transformational month that was to follow.
  • Disciple Training, held on December 13th, which began with devotional singing led by Guruji and Namavali, followed by sharing of people’s experiences and life changes since Guruji’s last visit in March.
  • A fun and relaxing evening of ten-pin bowling, held at Forest Hill AMF on December 14th.
  • Three days of celebrations for Guruji’s 54th birthday:
    • An Evening of Ecstatic Singing on December 15th, where Guruji and three members of ashram band, Namavali, led the group in a high-energy set that left the room in a state of ecstasy.
    • A Day of Service, on the 16th, wherein a group gathered to collect rubbish from a local train station.
    • A spectacular Darshan event on Guruji’s birthday, December 17th, which began with a special ceremony in honor of Guruji, followed by Guruji blessing everyone in attendance with an outpouring of his love, while Namavali played dulcet tunes in the background.
  • A Women’s Circle, held on the evening of December 21st, which began with Guruji blessing everyone in attendance with his Shaktipat, followed by a tendering of one of the ladies (which provided words of wisdom relevant to each and every person in the room) and an in-depth discussion about the Guru/Disciple relationship.
  • A Men’s Gathering, the following night (December 22nd). After a meditative ceremony which facilitated a deep healing of the men with their respective fathers, Guruji opened the floor to Q&A wherein various issues were discussed, culminating in each of the men conducting an honest and revealing assessment of their commitment to their spiritual practices.
  • A gorgeous vegan feast, followed by Guruji’s traditional gift exchange, held on Christmas Eve at the Albion Road ashram home.
  • A relaxing (albeit very hot!) afternoon of fun and interaction with Louix, as well as a vegan picnic, at the gorgeous Melbourne Botanical Gardens on Christmas afternoon.
  • Guruji’s New Year’s Eve Retreat, which comprised 6 transformational days at The Country Place in Kalorama, Victoria. 51 people from around the world came together to immerse themselves in the healing and transformational love of Louix. Highlights of the retreat included:
    • Guruji’s traditional altar ceremony to open the retreat, followed by the bestowal of Shatkipat to all in the room. Guruji later explained what happens when he confers Shaktipat (Divine Current) to people, and their various reactions (or lack thereof).
    • A beautiful and healing Darshan event on the afternoon of Day 2 (December 30th).
    • On the evening of December 30th, a guest performance by Genesis, a 23-year-old beatboxer from Sydney who had been a finalist on popular TV show Australia’s Got Talent,
    • A morning of Ecstatic Singing (on December 31st) led by Guruji and Namavali, which sent the room into a state of ecstasy.
    • Guruji’s Divine Dispensation for 2016 – The Year of Magic and Wonder, which was broadcast live to hundreds across the globe just before midnight on December 31st (click here to view).
    • A meditation to begin the New Year (held on the morning of January 1st), wherein the sublime love of the Divine Mother immersed the room. Guruji guided the room into a sacred blessing ceremony that occurred at Lourdes in France; and, at the end of the ceremony, Louix gifted each person with a bottle of holy water, which had been collected by one of the retreat attendees from Lourdes during a recent trip to Europe.
    • Two evenings of movie screenings (Aladdin and Night at the Museum Part 2, respectively), held in the main meeting room which was transformed into a cinema!
    • Two powerful Q&A sessions, where attendees brought—with great honesty and vulnerability—deep personal issues to Guruji for his guidance. Topics covered included: Keys to selfless parenting; What it means to be a Disciple; and Keys to mastering life’s lessons. At the end of the second Q&A session, a woman allowed Louix to help her unravel and transform a lifelong pattern of behaviour, which was miraculous to witness.
    • An immensely powerful morning of Shaktipat, on January 2nd, which rendered everyone in a state of bliss.
    • A heart opening sharing of people’s transformational experiences during the previous 5 days, held on the final morning (January 3rd).
  • A farewell dinner, held at the Ambon Street ashram home on January 4th. Everyone gathered in the backyard for a food prayer, and Guruji’s presence initiated a Divine electrocution of the 40 people in attendance which lasted for more than two hours. A sumptuous Italian feast was then enjoyed, in gratitude for the palpable transformation experienced by everyone during Guruji’s visit.
  • A teary farewell for Guruji and Sambodhi at Melbourne Airport on January 6th.

It is difficult to describe the enormity of what transpires when Guruji visits our community, and we hope that our words and images provided herein capture the essence of what was truly a month of Magic and Wonder…

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