Louix’s Visit to Australia – April 2013

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Louix recently spent four weeks (from 7 April through to 6 May 2013) at his ashrams in Melbourne and Tasmania, Australia. During this time, there were many public and private events, and Louix also had private retreat time, in both Melbourne and Tasmania. Disciples, devotees, and students came from all over Australia and New Zealand to drink of Louix’s love and wisdom during his visit, and many people were drawn to the public events to experience his love for the first time.


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Highlights of Louix’s visit included:

  • A sumptuous welcome dinner on the evening of Louix’s arrival into Melbourne, followed by a magical devotional singing event (held at Sundara Aravinda Ashram).
  • A public Darshan evening at Gasworks Theatre at Albert Park, Melbourne, where close to 100 attendees received a blessing from Louix, while enjoying sublime music by Namavali, the ashram’s kirtan band.
  • An afternoon movie matinee at Sundara Aravinda, where Kung Fu Panda was viewed.
  • A three-day visit to Prana Shakti Ashram in Tasmania, where Louix enjoyed time with the community, partook of beautiful organic fruit and vegetables (much of which was grown on the ashram property), and relished the amazing wilderness and wildlife.
  • Disciple Training at Sundara Aravinda Ashram, where Louix gave guidance to several of those in attendance on various topics including how to find life balance whilst parenting a toddler, and healing the pain of the loss of a child.
  • A relaxing afternoon picnic at the gorgeous Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens.
  • A day trip into the stunning Yarra Valley, located about an hour outside of Melbourne.  Louix visited Healesville Sanctuary and Badger Weir where he interacted with the native Australian wildlife, including close encounters with an inquisitive kookaburra and dozens of friendly rosellas which swarmed in upon Louix’s arrival, seemingly out of nowhere!
  • An evening meditation held at Sundara Aravinda on Earth Day, followed the next evening by an ecstatic singing event where many of the participants had powerful experiences.
  • A Gathering of Men, where Louix gave his guidance on various topics to those in attendance.
  • A Women’s Healing Circle the following evening, where Louix opened the gathering for questions to be asked, which resulted in a profound healing for all participants around falling in love with our physical bodies.
  • A second public Darshan held at Sundara Aravinda Ashram, which saw many repeat attendees from the previous Darshan event at the Gasworks Theatre. Louix offered personal blessings to everyone in attendance, which initiated transformation, healing, and states of bliss for many.
  • A fun-filled bowling night at a local alley in Melbourne.
  • A farewell dinner during which Louix gave an impromptu discourse on surrendering to God’s Will; followed by a gathering where people shared their experiences during the past month and gave their final “goodbye” to Louix before his departure the following day.

This visit will be remembered by all whose lives were touched by Louix’s presence as a most memorable and transformational time. Louix will be back in Australia this year in December for another series of events, including his annual New Year’s Eve live-in Retreat (29 December through 3 January). 

We all wait with great anticipation for Louix’s return visit to Australia!


  1. Comment by John Reed:

    Great memories of an incredible month of Joy,massive smounts of Love,and Transformation. Thank You Guruji!!!

  2. Comment by John Reed:

    An amazing month of Joy, massive amounts of Love, and Transformation. Thank You Guruji and to everyone who made this such a wonderful time.

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