Louix's New Year's Eve Retreat, San Diego, CA
28 December 2016 - 2 January 2017

Louix’s annual New Year’s Eve Retreat was held at Rancho Bernardo Inn, in the foothills of San Diego, from 28 December 2016 through to 2 January 2017. Forty-nine people—many attending for the first time—journeyed from various locations around the world for an intensive 6-day live-in retreat with Louix. As always, Louix’s New Year’s Eve Retreats create a loving and safe space (tantamount to being in the womb) where attendees experience unfathomable transformation, healing, and also lots of fun and relaxation!

Below is a recounting of some of the most memorable moments from the retreat:

  • The opening evening (December 28th) where, with excitement and anticipation, attendees reunited or met for the first time and shared a sumptuous vegan meal together. This was followed by ecstatic singing led by members of two devotional singing bands: Pranam from Prema Drala Ashram, Laguna Hills, and Namavali from Sundara Aravinda Ashram, Australia. Dubbed “Pranamavali,” the 8 members of the band, along with sound engineer, music producer, and talented musician Joel Mankey (from Los Angeles), created amazing upbeat and soulful tunes several times throughout the retreat which created a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere.
  • A morning of Darshan with Louix (December 29th), with devotional music by “Pranamavali.” For some in the room this was their first experience of Louix’s physical presence, and many experienced heart openings, rapturous laughter, and spontaneous healings.
  • Louix’s traditional altar ceremony, held the afternoon of December 29th. Every New Year’s Eve Retreat, Louix invites each attendee to place upon a specially-prepared altar, a personal talisman (a crystal, piece of jewellery, photo, or other sacred object) which holds the person’s intention for the retreat. This talisman is blessed and consecrated personally by Louix and imbued with the healing energies created during the course of the retreat.
  • A meditation, wherein Louix guided each person connected with an Avatar or Master to serve as a personal guide on that one’s path to healing. At the end of the meditation, Louix placed in each person’s mouth some very special vibhuti (sacred ash used traditionally in Hindu ceremonies), which Louix had received in 2010 from the home of a Sai Baba devotee in Mumbai, India. This amazing vibhuti manifested on the walls and ceiling of the home, as well as on pictures of Shirdi and Sai Baba. This was the sweetest tasting vibhuti anyone in the room had ever encountered.
  • The delivery of one of the most powerful discourses Louix has given in his 20-year ministry: Identifying and Releasing Hidden Agendas. Over several days, Louix guided each person in the room to honestly assess the various areas in their lives where they hold conditions, expectations, desires, and attachments, and how so doing mitigates God’s plan for him/her.
  • A baffling performance by San Francisco-based magician and mind reader David Gerard (gerardmagic.com). David introduced the audience to his world of magic, visiting each table in the dining room after dinner and performing inexplicable card tricks. After the group reconvened in the main gathering room, he continued to amaze everyone with more unfathomable mind-reading and magic. This talented man, who has been performing magic since the age of six, captured everyone’s attention and imagination with his feats of magic—most of which defied all logic and reason.
  • In the lead up to Louix’s New Year’s Eve dispensation, several long-time disciples of Louix shared inspirational—and often very humorous!—stories about their initial meeting of, and walk with, Louix.
  • Several Q&A sessions, where Louix answered questions from attendees on various topics including:
  • Helping a mother and child transition from 5 years of breastfeeding;
  • How to rekindle joy in life;
  • Tools for self-inquiry and introspection; and
  • The meaning of Darshan and Shaktipat.
  • A morning whereby Louix sat silently, staring into the eyes of each person in the room. The energy that coursed through him and touched each person in the room was palpable and evoked immense healing in many people—along with many tears, laughter, and other physical reactions.
  • The closing ceremony, where Louix guided everyone to stand in a large circle, holding hands whilst listening to the Celine Dion song “Because You Loved Me.” Each person gazed into the eyes of others in the room, sending them love and gratitude for the amazing experiences they had shared during the course of the retreat. There was not a dry eye in the room as everyone’s hearts burst wide open in gratitude for what had transpired over the previous six days.

Words cannot truly capture the miraculous nature of Louix’s retreats. We hope that the small selection of descriptions and images shared herein portray some of the magic and transformation that took place during this six-day event.  

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