Louix’s 50th Birthday Celebration

On December 17th we celebrated Louix’s 50th birthday, a milestone year in the life of our Guru. Kharananda Mayi, one of his senior disciples, welcomed the guests, and then, overcome with emotion, spoke about how her Guru has transformed her life. Louix then entered the room, greeting an audience of around 75 guests, and many others around the world (via the live-streamed video setup). Many were surprised to see a very different-looking Master, sans the long hair and long beard. Two disciples performed a puja ceremony in his honor, followed by Louix opening some birthday gifts, and blowing out the five golden candles of his birthday cake (one for each decade!).

Everyone then gathered in the dining area to enjoy a delicious feast of vegan Mediterranean food, followed by a piece of Louix's birthday cake. We then reconvened in the main event space and Pranananda led a guided meditation. Then, as Pranam commenced playing, Louix began giving darshan to and anointing each individual who came before him, sending many into ecstatic states. It was truly a special event, as we celebrated this landmark year in the life of our Guru.

Happy Birthday, Guruji!



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