Global Clean-Up Project, The Divine Romance, Pranam Concert – January 2011- February 2011 Events – with slideshow

On January 16th, various disciples furthered our ongoing Global Clean-Up Project, as they cleaned up the Creekside Park area in Aliso Viejo, California. Over the last century this beautiful palm tree oasis has been polluted with trash and toxic waste. The group disposed of eighty-one bags of trash and four bags of recyclable waste.

On February 13th, the community of Prema Drala Ashram celebrated The Divine Romance, one of the holiest days of the year. Brahmananda Nataraj led a ceremony which included prayers, invocations, and the reading of “Come to Me,” a poem written by Guruji, that expresses The Divine Romance as seen through the eyes of God. We then listened to a recording of the “Guru Paduka Strotam,” a traditional verse honoring the spiritual significance of the padukas (the Guru’s holy sandals), while Brahmananda washed the padukas and consecrated the washing basin. He performed aarti to Guruji’s padukas, a symbolic offering of our egos to the holy, purifying flame of the Guru’s wisdom.

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 On February 26th, Pranam performed a sacred music concert at the Temple of Light, in Lake Forest to an enthusiastic audience of 60 people. Adults and children alike were dancing in the crowd, everyone was singing, and the love in the room was palpable. One audience member commented, “The musicianship was professional. The songs were engaging, creative, and at times sublime. Thank you, Pranam, for an amazing night!”


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