Guru Purnima Celebration – July 2013 – with slideshow

On July 22nd, the community honored our beloved Guru for Guru Purnima. Louix arrived at 42 La Serra to all the attendees tossing beautiful rose petals at his feet as he walked down the pathway to the house. As he sat in his chair, Mike Mollenhauer led a most reverent and powerful puja. The ceremony began with three “Oms” and a short meditation, during which we focused our love and gratitude towards our Guru, Louix.  

Mike started the puja by lighting the aarti lamps and anointing Guruji’s third eye with sandalwood paste and kumkum. Then, the water that would be used for washing Guruji’s feet was blessed by invoking the sacred rivers of India into it, as well as Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  Guruji’s feet were then washed with the holy water and dried.  His feet were anointed with vibhuti, sandalwood paste, and kumkum. Kharananda Mayi Ma then placed a gorgeous all-rose garland on Louix.  The highlight of the puja was reciting the 108 Names of Pranananda. After each name, everyone in the room responded with “Om Pranananda Namaha,” which means “I bow to Divine Pranananda.”  As each name was spoken, Mike offered a handful of flower petals to Guruji’s feet. Eventually, Guruji’s feet were completely covered and we could only see the flowers—a beautiful and sacred sight.  The puja ended with a short prayer offering our Divine gratitude, unconditional love, and unwavering faith to our Divine Guru.

Once the puja was complete, Pranam played song after song to accompany the waves of love and Shakti that Guruji gifted us. Louix and Pranam took some of the songs we have sung before in a whole new direction, which included a reggae-like jam during “Ong Namo” that lit up the room! Guruji, we are so blessed and we are so grateful for You on this Guru Purnima—and every other day of the year.

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