Guru Purnima Celebration – July 2012 – with slideshow

On July 3rd, we gathered to celebrate Guru Purnima at Prema Drala Ashram. Everyone was instructed to bring a rose, so the petals could be removed and placed in a basket to be presented at the feet of the Master. As Louix arrived, he was surprised and visibly moved at seeing all the guests lined up before Him. Chris Watson walked several feet in front of him with a basket of rose petals for each person to gather and place at the feet of their Guru.  As it was explained by Brahmananda, this represented each person laying all of their concerns and troubles at the feet of the Guru for transmutation.  Louix walked on rose petals, beaming with love, and greeting and blessing all.  The 108 Names of Bhagavan Sri Pranananda played in the background as he proceeded along the path of rose petals laid before him, all the way up to his chair.

When Louix took his seat, an Aarti ceremony was performed by Chris Watson and Zimmaron Zsido. Pranam began to play a string of beautiful devotional songs in honor of the Guru, while Louix began a special anointing and darshan. After Louix departed, the rose petals were placed in small, golden mesh bags for everyone to take home and place on their altars or have as a keepsake.  The energy and essence of the Guru was imbued in the rose petals and would surely bring many blessings to come.

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