Father’s Day Camping Trip – June 2012 – with slideshow

On June 15th, twenty people joined Louix for the 4th Annual Father’s Day Camping Trip at Blue Jay Flats campground for three nights. We arrived Friday afternoon and watched as Guruji consecrated the site, after which we all participated in a trash clean-up of the area. We then started setting up tents, and very quickly, we made the camp site our home away from home. Over the weekend, we played many games of “I Doubt It,” as well as a new card game called “Speed.” Some also played a more active game such as soccer.

On Saturday night, we played a long game of charades by the campfire; some of the biggest laughs were from the guesses shouted out by the group. Guruji counseled many people through his stories and loving presence over the course of three days. The last evening, as we were playing another game of “I Doubt It,” Guruji began gazing at a few people at the table, which resulted in fits of laughter and bliss! After the card games, we gathered around the fire to listen to Guruji tell stories. After a while, he began a powerful chant, “Meera Baba Dali Yoga Sananda” (which He composed back in 1998). The Master chanted this for quite some time and put many of us into altered states. Some people commented that it felt like we entered into another realm, which was very noticeable as we all attempted to re-enter society after such a private and special weekend up in the mountains with our Guru.

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