Ecstatic Singing and Darshan – March Events 2012 – with slideshows

On March 11th, Louix sang with Pranam at our Ecstatic Singing event held at Prema Drala Ashram. It was a full house while we all grooved to Pranam’s music set. They played a Spanish song called “Madre Divina” which we had not heard in quite a while. We ended the evening with “Ong Namo,” which started as a sweet love song to the Divine, and in the middle turned into an amazing island jam, ultimately ending as the sweet love song began. People were dancing in their seats with Guruji! Following are some photos from that event we would like to share with you:

[slideshow id=9]

On March 31st, we returned to Encinitas for the first time this year, holding an event at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. Louix gave darshan to approximately seventy-five people. It was great to see all of our friends again, as well as some new faces. Following are some darshan photos from the past year:

[slideshow id=10]

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