Easter Garden Party – April 2012 – with slideshow

In April 7th, in celebration of Easter, Louix hosted the Spring Garden Party at the Sanctuary. The gardens were singing from the countless hours of planting, pruning, and love they had received over the past few weeks. We had 37 adults and 9 children share the day with us. A very special playlist of love songs meticulously put together by Louix, spanning over four decades of classic love songs were playing in the background, as we all enjoyed dishes brought by the guests and made by the resident disciples. After everyone had finished eating, a few people began to ask Louix some questions, and slowly everyone gathered around under the tents to drink of the Master’s wisdom. So many interesting and personal questions arose, such as “Why is my 4-year-old daughter waking me up every night for an hour or two?” “Why do I like to argue so much?” and “How do I know what God wants from me?” Louix filled our hearts and our minds while the kids enjoyed a lively game of hide-and-go-seek.

[slideshow id=4]

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