Day of Service – 16th December 2016 – with slideshow

Each year, disciples and devotees around the world hold a three-day birthday celebration as an expression of our gratitude for Louix's presence in our lives and on this planet, and to attune to his Divine energies that are available to all on these blessed days.

The second day of celebrations was a day of service (seva). Each year, a specific theme is chosen and acted upon by all of Louix's ashrams and centers, in order to maximize the impact of our seva upon the Earth, as well as to synchronize as one global family.

For this year's day of service, we participated in the Adopt-a-Family program, as part of our dedication to support our local communities. On this day, we gathered at 25742 La Serra, Laguna Hills, California to wrap holiday presents which we purchased for our assigned family. By spending this time in service to others, we also gifted ourselves with the opportunity for healing and upliftment. 

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