Darshan Events – April 2012 – with slideshows

On April 6th, Louix gave darshan at Prema Drala in honor of Good Friday. He offered a prayer to Jesus for all the sacrifices He made, and the example of Divine wisdom, selflessness, and perfect love He embodied. In his prayer, Louix spoke an illuminating discourse about how very few have discovered the vast richness of a life in service to God through surrender and selflessness, which ends all suffering, all confusion, and all searching. After the meditation, Pranam began playing as Louix starting receiving people for blessings.

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On April 29th, Louix was invited to give darshan at Akasha Yoga in La Jolla, California. The studio is owned by Stephanie Pafford, and her family had come for darshan many times over the past year, as well as having attended the New Year’s Eve Retreat in Sedona. She wanted to offer her studio in gratitude to Louix on this date (which was also her birthday). More than seventy people came to receive a blessing from Louix. So many new faces! The studio is on the 2nd floor, and there were windows behind Louix’s chair and on the side of the room. Throughout the event, there were many seagulls swooping and dancing outside the second story window behind His chair . We hope to return to Akasha Yoga again soon. Thank you, Stephanie, for welcoming us into your studio.

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