2011-2012 New Year’s Eve Retreat in Sedona

On December 29th, 64 souls gathered in Sedona, Arizona—a place famous for its unparalleled beauty, mystical red rocks, and vortex energies—to take part in Louix’s 2011 New Year’s Eve Retreat. Held at Enchantment Resort, nestled in the womb of beautiful Boynton Canyon, this was an amazing experience for all, which afforded the opportunity to receive Louix’s darshan for six consecutive days.

From the first evening, as Louix welcomed the attendees from seven different countries around the world, a beautiful sense of family, kinship, and love spun into form. Over the course of the retreat, Louix facilitated a powerful guided meditation, gave multiple darshans, delivered discourses, and held Q&A sessions. There was also ample devotional singing (by an excellent ensemble of disciple/musicians from all over the world), as well as two solo performances by guest musicians:  one, a Native American flautist, and another a shamanic percussionist/sound healer. Basking in the majesty of this picturesque location, we took plenty of time to enjoy the resort and the beautiful surroundings of Boynton Canyon. Many went on hikes, enjoyed the spa facilities, or rested on the earth.

Click here to read a very heart-felt account from one attendee, Georges Homsi.
On New Year’s Eve, Louix shared his annual Divine Dispensation, dubbing 2012 as “The Year of Faith.” Click here to see this video. As the retreat drew to a close, a glowing inner joy and peace was shining on every face. Thank you, Louix, for such an amazing start for 2012!







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