2008 Holiday Season at Prema Drala
(Photo Montage)

Enjoy this photo montage from the holiday season at Prema Drala Ashram, accompanied by the ashram singing By Thy Grace (Snatam Kaur). The music was recorded live at an evening of Devotional Singing on 16 December 2008. The community sang to Guruji, as part of his three-day birthday celebrations. This presentation includes images from the following events:

  • An evening of Devotional Singing for Louix's Birthday Celebrations  (16 Dec 2008)
  • Louix's Birthday  (17 Dec 2008)
  • Community Service on Christmas  (25 Dec 2008)
  • Disciple Training---a gathering with the Master  (27 Dec 2008) 
  • New Year's Eve Event  (31 Dec 2008) 

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