You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

All of the Cosmos surrounds and revolves around you and is ordained and directed by your every thought, your every intention—conscious and unconscious. You direct all the atoms, all the molecules, and even the primal force of Creation, every moment of your life. That is how much power—Divine power—every human being wields.

Not only Masters in the process of being restored to their inherent divinity, but also Creators, are thee. Let that knowingness guide your choices in life, as you realize the power and consequence living within each one of them. Thus, in any moment of your life, if you stop and reflect upon your circumstances and find disfavor with them, you need only to make better choices—kinder ones, more loving ones, more selfless ones, and ones that are more deeply connected to the heart, mind, and will of God. And so it follows that all your outer circumstances will then, once again, reflect the very same.

Regardless of your understanding of this principle or your comfort with its effects, remember, in every given moment and in every given circumstance, to feel duly blessed and grateful, for there is an inherent perfection in each and every circumstance, in each and every moment of your life. Knowing this, and living by this credo, brings you peace—deep, inner peace—regardless of circumstance… and in every circumstance.

- Louix Dor Dempriey

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