Why do some Masters die with illness and/or pain?

Q:  Many Masters (Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, Osho) all died with illness and/or pain. Why is that? And could You?

A:  These beings you are describing live in the world of Illumination. They are free; in other words, they live outside the wheel of karma. In fact, their very existence transmutes and transcends karma.

The phenomenon you are describing is called “karmic sweeping.” It is the last great act of sainthood that a Master gifts to the planet. Living beyond the realm of Separation, a Master is not affected by the laws of the world or the forces of Nature—except by his/her own choosing. Knowing that he is not defined by the body or by any circumstance, the Master literally sucks up pain from people’s lives, from the collective consciousness, and from the planet itself, pulls it into his body, and transmutes it with him when he drops his form. This is also what happened in the case of Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, and so many others.

It is also important to point out that what you see as pain and what Masters experience are two completely different realities. Because their consciousnesses are merged with (i.e. the same as) God’s, their consciousness is simultaneously in bliss, (even) while experiencing agonizing pain. They are “in” the world, but not “of” it. Strangely, many think that they do not feel the pain because they are in bliss, yet a Master’s capacity to feel is exponentially beyond the average human being’s ability. Why they may not show it or speak it is because they are defined by their God-reality, not by their human experience.

Can it happen to me? Yes, and it does. Every minute of my day, I am swallowing the poisons of this world and of everyone in it. Sometimes it is discernible by others; at other times, not. Could my earthly life end in severe debilitation? Yes, it could… if I so chose and/or if God makes this request of me.

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