What is the quickest way to break from the grip of karma?

Q:  Let’s say that someone becomes aware of a particularly negative karmic pattern in his/her life. Trying and trying to break it, people often make the same mistakes. What is the quickest way to break from the grip of karma, and how can we understand karma without being afraid of it?

A:  Most people believe that “karma” is “bad things that happen to you because of bad things you have done in this or a past life.” That is incorrect. The Law of Karma is the Law of Balance. The whole Cosmos was constructed and is governed by the Laws of Cause and Effect. And karma is what maintains eternal balance throughout all of Creation. As you sow, so shall you reap. This applies to the sowing of loving, as well as non-loving, seeds. The Universe functions like a giant boomerang, which both amplifies and then returns to you whatever you send into it. Thus, there is nothing to fear about karma, nor can you “break from the grip” of karma, for there is no grip; there is simply “cause and effect.” It is by mastering these principles that ones can attain peace, harmony, and mastery in their lives.

While it is possible to avoid or escape an entire incarnation,
it is impossible to escape a single lesson your soul needs you to learn.

As far as trying to break the patterns, or repeating the same mistakes, it is helpful to understand that each circumstance will remain in your life until it has finished serving all the many functions for which your own soul wanted, needed, chose, and created it to serve. And each time it (the circumstance, the pattern) returns and is ignored, avoided, or otherwise left unattended and/or in a state of incompletion, your soul, in concert with the Universe, will send it to you again... except that the new circumstance will arrive “bigger” and “louder,” as your soul’s way of honoring you, recognizing that perhaps you didn’t notice it or weren’t able to hear the messages inherent in the (former) circumstance.

What is most liberating, inspiring, and empowering to know is this:

Everything that happens to you in life is solely for the purpose of your own God-realization.

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  1. Comment by Vladimir Hristov:


    How about this:
    Disconnecting seer and seen: The key to breaking the cycle of karma is that the connection between “seer” and that which is “seen” is set aside (2.17). This allows one to avoid even the future karmas that have not yet manifested (2.16). Ignorance, or avidya (2.5), is the cause of this alliance (2.24), and eliminating this ignorance is the means of ending the alliance (2.25). This, in turn, breaks the cycle of karma.


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