Trusting my Guru Works!

Guruji shared with me about a year ago that—for the next stage of my healing and growth—it would be in my best interests to spend more time with my family. He recommended having no fewer visits than one visit every 10 months. I didn’t ask why, but knew in my heart it was the truth.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to afford to fly myself and my daughter up to see my parents more than once a year and I didn’t try to “make” it happen. I just trusted that it was meant to be, and, if I got out of the way, that it would happen somehow.

When I took the next trip to see my parents, I spent a day at my work office. During my annual performance review, my bosses offered to fly me up to the office (which is 45 minute drive from my parent’s place) once every three months! In trusting my Guru’s advice that I needed to see my parents more often, I created a way to do that—gracefully and without me having to try to make it happen. Thus is the Grace of the Guru.



- Lisa J.
Melbourne, Australia

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