Transmuting Anger

Many who come to me with bodies filled with disease and decay will often say, “But I am happy. I have no worries or upsets. My life is great.” Then, in the next breath, they ask me to take away their tumors, back pain, headaches, poverty, etc., without any interest or desire in addressing what gave them their pain in the first place. Seeing this condition in, literally, thousands of aspirants has compelled me to share these gifts for transmuting negativity.

All negative feelings and emotions that are repressed or suppressed cause illness in the mind and body. The emotional body rules the physical. The fact that one’s issues are, perhaps, denied or truly unconscious is irrelevant. Just look at your body to know the truth. Your body is a flawless mirror and barometer for seeing and assessing the state of your consciousness. By reading the physical signs, the answer can very easily lead to the question. If your body is riddled with cancerous tumors, you have issues and something is “eating” away at you, whether or not you agree with that diagnosis. “As within, so without.” Your job is to ascertain the source and to deal with it.

I need to begin with a few basics. There is no such thing as a terminal disease. Nobody has ever died from cancer. Ever. Cancer is only an indicator from your soul that something in your consciousness needs serious adjustment. The physical plane is the densest plane of Creation and the very last place anything shows up. Your soul/God/the universe was sending you signs and messages long, long before the first cancer cell ever appeared. For most, cancer is the final call to change. There are only two reasons why cancer serves as the vehicle for millions to complete their embodiments: 1) the belief (consciously or unconsciously) that cancer is terminal; and/or 2) not sufficiently addressing the self-negativity which prompted the cancer cells to appear in order to get your attention.

Your body is a completely sealed ecosystem, designed and built from the perfection of God’s love and adoration as a model of God’s own immortality. As such, anything less than “perfect love” that you experience—on any level of your being—within that sealed ecosystem, you, alone, introduced into it. Therefore, you also have the power to get it out of your body, mind, aura, etc. Once you have adopted this belief system, you will have transcended the biggest illusion and will be best poised to receive all necessary assistance available to you.

The emotional body has a tiered structure. As it begins to thaw, anger is the first emotion to be accessed. Because it is at the surface of the emotional cauldron of negativity, it is also what is overtly projected onto others the most, as well as what unwittingly squirts out the seams of a heart and consciousness, frozen for years, and onto other people. The very deepest level of non-loving emotions is grief. There are very few people on Earth who even finish cleansing and clearing all their anger in the course of an entire lifetime. It is for these reasons that I shall focus this discourse on how to responsibly transmute and discharge anger, although these techniques can equally be used for sadness, grief, depression, frustration, lust, and many others.

Anger is a normal part of the human evolution of consciousness. Pretending that one does not have or feel any anger does not dissolve or dismiss that anger—nor does saying, “all is love, all is wonderful” rid one of anger. Pious lips do not make a pious heart. While affirmations and mantras are most certainly powerful healing and transmuting tools, they (in and of themselves) are not enough. Anyone who thinks they are is living in a very deep state of denial.

The human soul, body, and consciousness are designed and built from pure Love. They also feed only on pure Love for their life sustenance. Furthermore, anything less than perfect, unconditional love is poison in the human ecosystems—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Thus, any time you (as the sole creator and engineer of your life) introduce into your auric field anything less than pure Love, your soul (by Divine design) immediately takes action to expel that energy (poison) from all levels of your being. You have no “say” in this; it is the Law and Order of Creation. Your soul is constantly expelling the negativity from your body and mind. The better you are at holding it in (or inappropriately vomiting it on others), the quicker you are killing yourself. The poison must come out AND it must not be put onto others.

The use of positive affirmations is a crucial part of a healthy heart, mind, and body. The operative word is “part.” Form does follow thought. Where your thoughts take you is where your life follows. And since the spoken word wields the full power of Creation, whatever you speak, you create. This, naturally, applies to non-loving creations as well as loving ones.

Everything—including emotions—is energy. And energy, as most people know, can never be destroyed. It can only be altered from one form to another. It is from this fundamental scientific and spiritual truth that I am offering a set of iron-clad tools for transmuting the non-loving energy of anger into loving energy of various forms. (As I mentioned, these same tools can also be used to transmute other non-loving energies into pure, loving ones.)

It is very important to create a sacred space, prior to taking action, by speaking (silently or aloud) your knowingness that:  a) all your negativity—though very painful—is, on the highest plane of Creation, an illusion; b) all that you are feeling is of your own creation and nobody did anything “to” you; c) you are expressing this distortion and pain and offering it up to God to be taken from you, in sacredness and supplication, so that it no longer poisons your system.

In order to be successful with these techniques, you must first be willing to adhere to the one, most important, Golden Rule:  Never—but never—project your anger onto another human being, no matter how justified you feel your reasons might be. You would fare better without a tongue than to speak vulgar or mean words with the one God loaned to you. You would fare better without a hand than to raise yours against another, for any reason.

That having been said, the first method is that of direct transference. When you find the anger welling inside of you, find something upon which to “take it out.” My recommendations include these:  write all your anger on paper and then burn it; beat a cardboard box to smithereens with a stick or club; throw a kicking, thrashing fit on your bed; take an old object you no longer need and annihilate it; bury your face into a very thick pillow and scream like you have really wanted but never had the courage to; or stand, waist deep, in the ocean and scream all your pain and angst out to sea, giving it to Mother Earth (or deep in a forest, high on a mountain or cliff, etc.). These activities act as a poultice, drawing the poison out of your body. In all of these instances, you are to continue until you arrive at a peaceful place or until the limitations of your physical body prevent you from continuing (which is another way of knowing that you have finished).

The second technique is to redirect the energy of anger through physical exertion or exercise. There are two excellent vehicles you can use to achieve this. The first is to engage in one of your favorite sports or activities—jogging, swimming, weightlifting, rollerblading, etc. In this instance you are channeling and actually transforming the non-loving energy into a healthy and appropriate one.

The other vehicle in the physical exertion technique is to channel your anger into some household project:  painting, construction, cleaning, or gardening. Choosing a project which is physically demanding or time-consuming, or one that you constantly find yourself procrastinating, is the best choice for this type of transformation. In this practice, the non-loving energy (anger) is again being transformed into love.

The third technique is one of my favorites, though each one may have occasions when it is best suited to your situation. This final technique is to move into service. When you find yourself “stuck” (a convenient euphemism for “unwilling”) in your anger, choose to do something for another as the means to transmute the anger and, thereby, return yourself to a loving space. The more negativity or non-love you need to purge, the more you need to serve another.

The best choices for accessing those nasty little morsels of anger that “get stuck in the cracks of your consciousness” are the activities you normally would not think of doing for another. Examples include:  going to a friend’s house and cooking dinner for the whole family (and doing the dishes afterwards); pulling all the weeds and tilling the soil in another’s garden; doing someone else’s laundry and ironing; washing and waxing your neighbor’s car, and the list goes on.

All of these techniques work 100% of the time. They are foolproof. The only conditions are that you stay in the chosen activity until you have shifted and, of course, that your activity does not violate another’s right to privacy, quiet, etc. Sadly, no matter with how many people I share these gifts, rarely have I seen individuals choose to take action in order to heal the anger and move back into love. Most often, ones choose (the coward’s way of) indulging in the negative emotion, wallowing in self-pity, and continuing to project their own refuse upon others. “It’s too hard” is one more excuse for remaining a victim. Just do it. If the solution were easy and meaningless, it would not be of any value to you. Read, again, the first line in this paragraph and ask yourself what is your objective. Is it to move out of anger (sadness, hopelessness, depression, etc.) or to enjoy it a while longer? Either choice is fine. Just be honest with yourself… it is your life; it is your body.

Please note that I listed the various techniques by increasing levels of consciousness. In other words, the “highest” path of love would invite one into service as the means for transmuting. At the same time, it is of vital importance to be honest with oneself. Thus, if in a given moment, your ego is not interested in “forgiveness” and it really just wants “good ole revenge,” then by all means get the steel pipe out and bash a cardboard box, or throw that fit on your bed, or go hit the punching bag while cursing the delusion out of your body until you are exhausted and/or at peace (or both). Do recognize, though, that at some point in your life, you will need to move out of victim consciousness.

Please bear in mind that, while these methods do transmute your negativity and move you back into a loving space, they do not negate the need to find the source of your anger. What I am offering are ways to restore the balance, peace, and equanimity which enables you to then address the disassociated parts of self which drew circumstances to you that resulted in your feelings of anger.

The closer your transmuting activity can be to the moments during which you are feeling the anger, the better. Sometimes you simply cannot leave what you are doing to engage in this way, although it is rare that you could not excuse yourself in any given situation, for at least a few minutes, to get clear and centered once again. When that happens, promise yourself that you will address the situation in your very next available moment.

Lastly, remember that every circumstance will stay in your aura (environment) until it has completed serving you in all the myriad ways you wanted, needed, chose, and created it to do… whether or not you agree, like it, or profess to the contrary. The universe sends you that for which you ask. If you refuse your own creation, the universe (as pure Love) assumes you did not hear the message or missed the sign and, therefore, sends the gift again—this time bigger and louder. Whatever you resist not only persists, but also intensifies.

If you are willing to take full ownership of all your circumstances and environments as being your own inner self projected outside of you for the purpose of self-reflection, correction, and refinement, and if you are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain and/or return to a loving space, then you are well on your way to a life of mastery and true inner peace.

- Louix Dor Dempriey



  1. Comment by gershon:

    I found this article useful. Many times I was convinced being non aggressive, a loving person. Then my life conditions change and I find myself crying out at other people. Trying to show others how wrong they are. As much as I was thinking I can be cure of negativity I find it an impossible task. Some very powerful force is preventing me, as I am, to transform anger into love. I feel being in a crucial moment of life, not “my life” but human life. Possible I have a task to fulfill, but this task is not yet clear to me.

  2. Comment by Isabelle:

    Thank you for these very valuable insights. I was recently told – by 2 different energy healers – that they feel a lot of anger inside of me, yet I do not feel I have any anger in that moment. I know I have many unresolved issues dating back to childhood (I am now 45), and my question to you is the following: understanding that anger should be transmuted as quickly as possible, how does one go about releasing/transmuting the anger already “stored” inside the emotional and physical body, since I do not actively/consciously feel the anger anymore.

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