Touched by Your Grace in Sedona

24 January 2012

Hello beloved Pranananda,
As I sit here in Melbourne, I still have in me the effects of the Divine energies You gave me (all of us) in Sedona. Not only are they there in me, but I now find it easier to recreate the feeling, and therefore allow more light in me. I do that every day and I am committed to keep allowing more and more to enter my being until I feel it, think it, live it all the time. So the key word here is Thank You! You gave me exactly what I had asked for (to the Divine), with a power far greater than I had expected. I know You enjoy hearing about our experiences so I want to share a little bit here.
First of all, I spent a lot of time looking at Your face, Your expressions, during Darshan and the other energy sessions. I was amazed, touched, by the grace and the sweetness of the love which always transpired. Non-stop! I thought that maybe after a while You may show signs of tiredness, but it never happened. Amma once said, "When there is love, there is no effort,” and I felt that with You.
Also, I was touched by Your everlasting Presence. Anytime someone shared, spoke, talked, You were 110% here, with every cell of Your being. Many times did my mind wander, or get a little bored, or wanted to be elsewhere, but You, never. You drank every word, every energy, in order to give Your 100% feedback. What a lesson.
Finally, I had never seen You as often cry or have tears in Your eyes. During Darshan, during sharings, You were so open, that You often became emotional. I found it to be a sign of being so close to the person talking or having experiences that it brought You tears. I really loved it, and it was that much more touching for me and for all of us, I am sure. I can see how open You are and how You have nothing, nothing, nothing to hide. And when You told us about the rare times when You said something so slightly “off” that Your whole being became sick from it, and You immediately had to rectify. I, too, want to reach that state.
I have been talking to the Divine, and asking for always more light. I received a lot, and I am grateful. My faith is tested on a daily basis, and I know that as I keep aligning and receiving light, in meditation, reciting mantras, invoking the Divine, it will get easier and easier. In other words, I am expecting good things. I am not in that state at every moment, not yet. That's my work, to make it happen deeper and deeper, and more and more often. I want to walk in a state of peace and knowingness. I want to be able to look at people who sometimes hurt me and love them because they are showing me a side of me which is still not aligned. I'm working at it.
I send You all my love and my gratitude.



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