Tithing: The Law of Nature

A huge part of Louix's mission is to bring the Law of Tithing to the world, which, he explains, is the most direct, fast, and powerful way to eradicate poverty from our world, as well as the means for manifesting abundance (in every area of our lives). Through tithing, we give back to the Creator ten percent of our gross income, after which the Creator/Universe blesses us by giving us back ten-fold. Living by this principle brings us into harmony with Creation, because the Universe was built with this 10:1 ratio, thus we are fulfilling the cycle of life. Since love is the only element necessary to sustain our existence, Louix advises that we give our tithe to the source that gives us our greatest spiritual nourishment, whether that be one’s Guru/spiritual teacher, church/organization, or perhaps (if the former are lacking) a charity or cause in which we are involved. To read more about this, see Louix's article entitled The End of Poverty.

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