The Year of Adoration, Revisited

With just a few months left in the year, Louix revisits his Divine dispensation for 2010 as being The Year of Adoration, and helps to deepen our focus and attunement to this year's powerful energies (click here to watch the video clip of Louix proclaiming 2010 as The Year of Adoration, and elaborating upon the same). Drawing from examples from his own life, he reminds us that this year is all about sincerely taking on our Creator as our lover and best friend---and to personify that relationship as real, in our everyday lives.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a Guru, we should realize that our relationship with our Guru is our relationship with God. Other relationships in which we can practice adoration and devotion include our spouse or partner, our pets, and our children. Ideally, we ought to be striving to have that Divine relationship with everything and everyone (which is the ultimate goal). Louix reminds us once again that the path of devotion is the highest path to God, as it is the quickest, most powerful and direct vehicle to attain the exalted state of self-love, which, in turn, is the vehicle to God-realization.

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