The Nature of My Love

It is very important to understand the fullness of why anyone calls me into his/her life. It is for one reason alone:  to have a direct experience of God, which then, by its own magnetic nature, steadily and inexorably draws the individual closer to God. A natural effect of this blessing, of having the light of God shine luminously and directly upon an individual—at close range—is that this same Light also illuminates and, therefore, reveals much that formerly remained obscure, if not completely hidden. What become illuminated, in this manner, are many of one’s inauthentic ways of being, dark or repressed behavioral patterns, as well as any and (eventually, if exposure to the Source of the light is sustained long enough) all other issues that had been hitherto suppressed, denied, and/or avoided.

This process of Divine cause and effect is, likewise, unavoidable. Many people, quite simply, do not like this. They want to luxuriate upon receiving the blessing of so great a Love, but they loathe and despise having to become accountable to that Love. There is an age-old adage, “Much will be given, and much will be demanded.” And while it is true that the Love of all loves knows only to give and give without asking in return, it is not the Giver who demands (as most ignorantly accuse), but the self-replicating, all-perfecting, ever-radiating nature—itself—of the love given, which demands loyalty, obedience, and servitude. Whenever there is resistance to this Universal Law of cause and effect, pain and suffering results. It is a virtual impossibility, however, to have one without the other. The very nature of God’s love is that it first reflects, and then perfects, all that is not of that Love.

It is the nature of God’s love to refine and reform. Thus, I ask that you feel blessed, and that you acknowledge yourselves with pride for having called forth this opportunity for personal growth and expansion. Remember, it is the squeaking wheel that gets the grease. How could you NOT face growth as a result of such an extended exposure to the all-transforming power and presence of God’s love? Be in joy.

I understand, and have great compassion for, the fact that pain often accompanies growth. Consider the pain that many women experience during childbirth. Is there any more profound example of this dynamic in all the world? Look at the new, perfect creation of God that comes forth in spite of, and in many ways because of, all that some mothers endure. The journey to God-realization is, itself, a birthing process. The gestating fetus to which you are giving birth is the full, radiant divinity that has long lain dormant within yourself. It is also important to realize that pain is not a prerequisite for growth. Where there is surrender, there is no pain, regardless of circumstance. This applies to the birthing of an infant, as well as to the birthing of divine consciousness.

My focus is upon two things only:  guiding you through the lessons you have brought to my feet, and gifting the world (in answer to its prayer and its cry) with my love and wisdom, the dearth of which has been the cause of much heartache, confusion, hopelessness, and suffering. That is what is real. The rest is all illusion.

I love you with all my heart, with all that I am. Forever do you remain in my embrace, and forever is my blessing upon you.

May these words bring you joy, upliftment, and a renewed sense of hope and inner peace.


-   Louix Dor Dempriey


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