The Keys to the Kingdom

1 September 2017

Dear Louix,

Thank you for sticking by me.

I have had experiences of feeling your presence and knowing that you know who I am at my core, and that I am in good hands. But I want to be in control of my own destiny, and I feel surrendering to another disempowers me from realizing my true self and potential. I’m coming from as truthful place that exists for me in this moment.

Thank you so much.

(Name withheld by request)


Response from Louix:

Thanks for your honesty, even though it’s extremely misguided.

You are NOT surrendering to another. You are in the process of surrendering to God (by way of following the Guru’s guidance). You actually have it 180 degrees backwards!! Your ego has been the only one controlling you and ruining your life—like it does to everyone.

The Guru gives you back your power that your ego has taken away. The only thing your Guru “takes” from you is all your ignorance, fear, and pain!!!

I highly recommend that you read this letter every morning and night. Do this one task religiously every day and you will find your way to sanity, peace, and fulfillment.





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