The Inaugural Letter

26 November 2008

To all my beloveds,

It is with tremendous joy that I write to you on this momentous occasion, the presentation of our brand-new website! and, within this site, this section entitled From the Desk of The Master. This section of the website is dedicated to my writing of occasional letters and announcements, as well as for giving recommendations and endorsements for films, books, and other projects or resources of value for one’s spiritual development. I might also on occasion answer letters or specific questions here (if they are germane to a particular point or message I wish to convey in this column), though Q&A’s will by and large be found in another section dedicated specifically to this. It is, in essence, a special place where I can commune with you directly, quickly, and most efficiently. I look forward to our burgeoning relationship through this column.

I wish to thank all of you, our readers and listeners, for your patience over these past nine months while the new site has been under construction. Our beautiful seva team has created many new features—including the advent of video and film, along with a much more user friendly navigation system. This being merely Phase One of the new site, there are many more surprises in store, to enhance your experience on (our new and much simpler name). Please feel free to write to the webmaster at any time, sending your comments, feedback, suggestions for improvements, corrections, or requests for other features you would like to see.

Thirdly, I must publicly thank our web team for their devotion to this project, for their truly selfless service (as most all of them also carry full-time day jobs and have been putting in up to 70-hour weeks to bring this project to completion), and for the beauty, talent, and grace you all infused into this project. You have done a great service for many who will come to this wellspring to drink. My words fall infinitely short of conveying the depths of my gratitude to all of you, who have given so much of yourselves to create such a beautiful work of art and treasure trove of learning and spiritual sustenance and inspiration. I thank you with all my heart.

I also wish to thank you, beloved readers and listeners, for your understanding of our need and choice to close the website while it was under construction (I know that many people had difficulty with this decision). This ministry has undergone so many colossal and rapid changes this year that the existing site simply no longer represented our mission in a befitting level of grace and accuracy. We deliberated long over this choice and unanimously knew it was the only way. So, I thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you find that it was worth the wait.

As I stated in My Divine dispensation delivered on 31 December 2007, when I proclaimed 2008 as The Year of Rebirth, clearly has this been so for this website, myself personally, and for this ministry at large—as I am sure many of you have no doubt seen in and for your own lives. Perhaps you might peruse that discourse once again, delivered some ten months ago (it can be found on this new site, in our video section of the teachings). Timely it is, as this Year of Rebirth begins to draw to a close, that our website now emerges from its chrysalis, in synchronicity with many of you/us who are emerging from your/our own, all in God’s perfect timing and will… as everything is.

With my love and eternal blessing,

Louix Dor Dempriey

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  1. Comment by Vincent:

    Thank you for the gift of smile and confidance, that are manifesting through the videos.
    Thank you for the link that is it so offer, with the feeling of being at ease with oneself,
    which is not always the case as far as i am concern. May Thy love and the truth of It found a way to our mind, heart and life.
    With this website there is a way to connect, and from France, bonjour à Toi, que l’Amour nous donne la gratitude de Voir et de Libérer.

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