The Importance of Keeping a Miracle Journal

It is crucial to date and write down every Epiphany, Revelation, miracle, and lila (Divine play) that occurs in your life. Be sure to write your entries as close to their day of occurrence as possible. You do not have to retell the whole story, though you may if you wish. A line, phrase, or maybe even a paragraph is enough. If you keep a daily diary or journal, it is important to keep it separate from your Miracle Journal. In other words, it defeats the purpose and function of the Miracle Journal if you just heap everything into it like you would a diary. Whereas a diary holds an account of everything in your life—emotions, happy and sad; your wins and losses, etc.—the Miracle Journal is an account of the miraculous, a single stream of powerfully positive thoughts and events… a consummation of love and transcendence. This unified field of love (the ultimate and only Reality) is what gives it its transforming power.

In addition to the enjoyment derived from recording your miracles and sharing them with others, your Miracle Journal is most valuable when you find yourself in a dark night of the soul, have momentarily forgotten your divine nature as pure love, or have (in some other way) lent credence to The Illusion.

When you are in the midst of feeling depressed, angry, or hopeless, pull out this journal of all the victorious, God-filled events and transformations in your life and start reading it. All you need to do is to keep reading this chronicle of your divinity, and it will pull you out every time. It may not seem to you, in the moment, that this will take the dent out of your car, or recoup (a lost) five thousand dollars, or bring your deceased spouse or parent back to life. It does, however, facilitate your success in transcending and transmuting the situation—and your reaction to it—every single time, because the journal will very quickly guide your consciousness back to the only thing that is real—Love.

Whenever you delve into your Miracle Journal, your focus is pulled there and, thus, out of the downward spiral of negativity. All of a sudden the Truth starts washing through you again, and you begin to reprogram your consciousness back into love and joy—its natural state. Your earthly circumstance then shifts to follow suit with your now-correct state of consciousness. The Miracle Journal works because it exists outside the realm of Duality. As such, it harbors the full power, wisdom, and love of God. Enjoy!

- Louix Dor Dempriey

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