“The Homecoming”

O' how I have longed for you
My brother, my lover, my friend

My dream, for so long relegated to a distant yearning
has now finally come true

Here you stand before me
with eyes that reflect my own eternal love

Somewhere in the storm of man's illusion
an angel heard the whisper of my voice

Traveling the road of discordant thoughts
a heart so pure has found its way home

Blessed art thou for never giving up
on the love I promised would one day claim you

Courting the seasons, bending the hands of time
dauntless was I in my search for you

My heart is now and forever your home
as my home now gracefully enfolds your heart

Live with me, my son, in paradise
that others, too, will soon hear my call

All that I AM I give unto thee
Drink from me the elixir of immortality

Ask of me and receive my kingdom called heaven
your birthright, your destiny, your inheritance

Having vanquished Fate, a single ray has returned unto the Sun.

                                                                                         - Louix Dor Dempriey


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