The Evolution of Consciousness

You were created in God’s image as pure love,
to be love, receive love, and spread love—
all the days of your life.
- Louix Dor Dempriey


People who hold themselves as unlovable attack whenever they receive love, and the intensity of the attack is always commensurate with the amount of love received.

The God-surrogate/transference dynamic of the human psyche is what makes people expect and unconsciously demand to be treated the way their parents treated them.

As few parents have retained their innate and God-given ability to love unconditionally—it having been crushed and/or programmed out of them when they were children—most people grow to misinterpret conditional love, judgment, criticism, and even abuse as being unconditional love, through the God-transference dynamic.

It only follows, then, that (as adults) all acts of unconditional love received can only be interpreted as “violations” (until, of course, that negative programming has been transcended and reversed) and, therefore, must be punished.

Gaining awareness is the access to power.
Applying the awareness is the attainment of power.

The cure is achieved through concerted discipline in constantly affirming one’s natural state as being one that is whole and loving, one’s God-given right and worthiness to receive love, and in affirming humanity’s natural predisposition and desire to always and only love unconditionally.

This, in turn, not only re-programs the mental and emotional bodies, but also magnetizes spontaneous kind and loving acts, which now can be easily recognized, welcomed, and received in grace.

These acts are now able to stimulate and activate the divinely-inherent love mechanism, born into all humans, to respond in kind, thus fostering and perpetuating unconditional love throughout the world and within one’s own life—achieving and fulfilling God’s will for all Creation.

The God-transference dynamic

All souls, pre-incarnation, live in the constant and omnipresent love and company of their Lord God and Creator.

Because only the superconscious (I Am) awareness is maintained at birth, the conscious and most of the unconscious states having been erased, every child is born with a fully cellular knowing of its Divine parentage and—now in a physical form—very readily and instantly recognizes (the innocent but dangerous misinterpretation) and accepts its earthly parents (biological, adoptive, guardians and/or all other first and/or primary caregivers) as God—not as surrogates or substitutes for God, but as God itself—in much the same way that many newly-born animals will recognize and accept the first living creature they see as their true parents.

And since every soul and, therefore, child knows that God is infallible and wholly, unconditionally loving, any and all acts performed by the earthly parents are likewise interpreted and known by the child to be ones of unconditional love.

Then, as parents continue to place conditions upon the love they give, to judge, criticize, hit, and otherwise hurt their children—wittingly and unwittingly—all children know ought else but to accept these as God’s own acts, which can only, by definition, be ones of unconditional love.

Now incarnated and very quickly having a new definition of the unconditional love they knew and received pre-incarnating, people grow to expect, demand, and therefore create this same behavior and treatment from others in their lives—particularly in all intimate and/or long-term relationships.

Because all children, however, also retain the soul’s knowingness of the true, unconditional love that they received from God prior to incarnation, whenever they experience non-love or conditional love from their parents, an internal conflict arises.

Since God can only love unconditionally, and since the earthly parents are God in the child’s eyes and heart and, therefore, are infallible too, all non-loving behaviors and acts committed by the parents must—as far as the child is concerned—be due to, and blamed upon, what (in the child’s innocent eyes, heart, and mind) can only be the child’s own fallible, unlovable, and non-loving state of being.

Thus sets in place the programming by which all human beings define themselves and create their lives, until such time as the soul can and will no longer tolerate the absurdity of these terms and conditions.

At that moment, the spiritual “awakening” occurs, and the “seeker” is born.

The Restoration

What then follows—as ones gain greater and greater awareness and remembrance of their true, divine nature, and learn and practice the many tools to perfectly assist their de-mummification process—is the gradual (re) emergence of their divine and unconditionally-loving state of being.

When one’s consciousness has reached the 50%-saturation of being pure, unconditional love, one crosses the threshold known as “Enlightenment” and is forever liberated from living in the illusion of believing that one is, or ever was, separate from God.

At this point, a quantum shift occurs, now that the gravity called Fear no longer holds dominion in one’s life. As Love is now the gravity which sustains one’s embodiment on Earth, the divine restoration (ascension) process now becomes highly accelerated. Fears and distortions are now easily recognized, transmuted, and transcended, and love is likewise easily recognized, welcomed, and created at every turn.

As there are as many levels, or tiers, of illuminated consciousness as there are within a consciousness which lives in Separation, once the enlightened being has completed the process of refining his/her remaining distortions, the rest of one’s life is spent refining his/her refinements, for God is infinite love, infinitely and ever expanding through the greater awareness of love attained by every cell of outer Creation in every moment of this ascension process. And since you were created in God’s image and are—in essence and therefore by definition—God, yourself, the same is true for you.

So… what happens, one wonders, when the Cosmic ascension process is complete? The answer is simple:  That question—and its origin—no longer exist.

- Louix Dor Dempriey

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