The Angel’s Call

Beloved Prananandaji,
This poem (below) came to me about 3 weeks prior to my leaving the ashram last year, and I never shared it with You. But I want to now.
I just want to say "Thank You, and I love You." You have inspired and sent me two very beautiful songs recently, in devotion to You and in Your name. I greatly look forward to the time when I can sing them to You in person.




The Angel's Call

I will sprinkle her life in diamonds,
And bring her to My Throne,
Where she will know completely
That she has always been My own.
Cascade her in throws of flowers,
Upon her Angelic crown,
Which she wears with grace and dignity,
For this love so has her bound.
Spun from My very essence,
The purity of My love,
Her every breath inspires and moves Me,
My beloved tender dove.
I will fill her life with beauty,
Abound wherever she goes,
And lo’ behold her majesty,
From God’s garden, such a glorious rose.
Her voice fills my life with enchantment,
Her song touches Me deep within,
Her call to love rings out through the ages,
My love in tones, her heart does sing.
I will marry her to her fullness,
For she has never left My side,
Sprout the seed of her Divine effulgence,
In My heart she eternally resides.
I will capture your heart, whatever it takes,
My darling, I am bringing you Home.

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