Sacred Tools for Growth and Transformation

1. Daily Meditation
Invoke Louix into your daily prayers, meditations, and dreams.
Use pranic breathing in your meditations and at other times throughout your day. The breath is the most powerful spiritual tool in existence. It is what parts the veils of Separation and connects you to the Divine.
Live the “Sacred Breath,” by focusing on the mantra “I am so blessed” during each inhalation and “I am so grateful” during each exhalation.
Using japamala beads, chant “Om-Pranananda” 108 times while gazing into “The Eyes” photo of Louix.
2. Recite daily the Invocation of the Christ and The Everlasting Covenant.
3. Throughout your day, be the endless expression of gratefulness.
Gratefulness is the highest form of prayer.
4. Religious use of mantra(s) and/or affirmations.
5. Keep and use a Miracle Journal, a foolproof tool to lift you out of the illusion and remind you of what is real.
6. Use a mirror to heal the act of victim consciousness called “projection.”
It is impossible to project your distortion onto others
when you are speaking them into a mirror.
7. Earnest study of Louix’s teachings, including:
Articles, discourses, and other offerings found on this website (;
Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation's product catalogue of books, tapes, CD’s, and photos;
Disciple Training tapes and In The Moment tapes;
Listening Library of tapes at His ashrams and study centers.
8. Sing, constantly, songs of love and of your love for God and life.
9. Purify all four levels of your creation: thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.
10. Purify your body: proper diet, daily exercise, etc.
11. Avoid poisonous, non-loving energies in: foods, music, film, conversation, etc.
12. Recite other powerful prayers and chants.
13. Surround yourself with those who share your spiritual goals.
14. Create cleanliness and order in your environment: hygiene, dress, home, car, etc.
15. Most of all, purge yourself of all worldly desires. Desire is the cause of all suffering.

It is not enough to read all the "right" books and quote all the great sages. The Divine Laws must be obeyed. And the only way to master all earthly dominion is through practice and self-discipline. There is only one doorway that leads to your ascension. Every soul must undo, transmute, and make full restitution—within and without—for every non-loving creation of its own. You came, in the image of God, to create only Love. And you, God, and the Universe hold you accountable to that promise you made, whether or not you know, remember, like, or believe in that Promise. Accepting this Truth of all truths, and then acting upon it, is the only road to liberation of the soul and to everlasting peace. Most importantly, remember to enjoy every step of the journey. Each soul only has one true incarnation on Earth—the one in which you now live.

- Louix Dor Dempriey
(Bhagavan Sri Pranananda)

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