Problems at My New Job

May Your Holiness be pleased…

Your Holiness, please be informed that my job started from the 1st of September. It was one day after Ganesha Chaturthi, when Ganapathi celebrations are on in Mumbai. What a pleasant gift!

Despite the wondrous gift that Your Holiness has given me on this wonderful day, I must admit I have a primordial fear that these wonderful days may not last long. In other words, I have been destroying Your Vision for me in this particular job. I feel helpless, and I feel unable to stop this fear within me. Part of it comes from the fact that I may have a bad boss. Some time ago I had a very bad experience with a former boss during my internship with an automobile company. I had a tough experience with him then, and I feel the same might happen to me again on this job.

I also have this inability to see through people, and as such can be easily “taken for a ride” by people with ulterior motives. This has already started to happen to me on just the 7th day of my new job. A couple of people are trying to inflict damage on me. By the grace of God, I could see through two of these people today.

I feel something adverse is going to “happen” in this job. Also, I feel I might be rejected by people on this job. I am truly sorry, but I have been living in a fear-based reality since I have joined this job, and a couple of days before that.

Kindly help me. Is there anything that Your Holiness feels that I would need to know regarding this issue?

Thank You for reading this letter.

(Louix’s reply): 

In the interest of time, I will get straight to the point. First of all, you do not have a “bad” boss. You have the perfect boss, sent to you by me, as was your new job sent to you in the perfection of my will. Of course you have the same problem as on your other job. You have not yet learned—or mastered—the lesson(s) they were both created to gift you. You are also forgetting to look at yourself. You are projecting your own issues onto other people. That is victim consciousness. There is nothing outside of self. The seven billion people on this planet represent the seven billion different aspects of you. There is only you.

Whether or not others are mean or dishonest is none of your business. That is between them and God. Your job is to discover why you drew these ones into your life. To show you what about yourself? To teach you what about yourself? To help you change what about yourself? Everything and everyone exists in your life solely for the purpose of your own God-realization.

It is also very helpful for you to remember that people perceive you only and exactly the way you perceive yourself. I will save you the searching time, just this once. You have drawn these “mean, pushy, and conniving” people into your life as a wonderful gift. They are inviting you, and forcing you, to rise to greater levels of self-dignity, self-esteem, and self-worth. What a golden opportunity. Congratulations. Bless them and, in your heart of hearts, thank them for giving you what your soul asked of them.

Should you decide to run away from this opportunity by quitting the job or by getting fired (which is the coward’s way of quitting), you will only draw to yourself more people like these ones; only, this time, they will be even “worse” (as you put it) than the previous ones. Every time you refuse the lesson your own soul has called forth, the universe simply sends it again—this time, bigger and louder. Whatever you resist, persists and intensifies.

Remember, above all, my dear brother:

While it is possible to avoid an entire incarnation,
you cannot escape a single life lesson.

Now that the light of wisdom has shone upon you, only something very wonderful is going to “happen” on this job:  You are going to discover parts of your inauthentic self and refine them, so that your own, true, sparkling divinity can radiate from within every cell of your being. Imagine that!!
With all my love, that is forever yours…



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