Praying Mantises on My Altar

Dear Pranananda,

I have a story to share with you…

I have a beautiful photo of you with light shining on your head and hands in the prayer position that sits on my altar in the corner of my bedroom. I had that picture previously in my healing room in Sydney.

One morning, while you were in South Africa, there were approximately 100 tiny insects all around my altar—only in that area and almost up to the ceiling. I had no idea what they were, as I hadn’t seen anything quite like them. When my son came home, he told me that they were praying mantis and that they had just hatched.

I moved the altar out from the wall and found the nest where they had hatched from right below and exactly behind your photo! Incredible! (We moved them carefully outside.)

Thank you so much; that is such an amazing blessing!

I love You with all my heart, Beloved.


- Anonymous

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