Only Love is Real

Remember to see, only and always, the perfection of all that transpires in your life—independent of your intellectual, mental, or emotional opinions and feelings about the very same. Recognize the difference between the two. Only Love is real. Only God’s perfection exists in each and every moment, in each and every circumstance. The human, distorted perception of God’s ever-perfect moments is all we are here to shift, so that each of us can be in the wholesome holding and remembering of God’s perfect plan unfolding in every moment—past, present, and future.

You are entitled to your own judgements, opinions, and feelings. None are wrong, none are right, but they are simply that—judgements, opinions, and feelings. As you continue to more fully accept my invitation to see them as that, while at the same time seeing all circumstances in your life as God’s will unfolding perfectly—by your own soul’s decree and in your own soul’s delight, even while you may experience torment or upset—your soul delights and invites you to do the same, for all that you can see, smell, and touch with your five primary senses is all illusion.

What lies beyond most mortal’s capabilities (or practices, I should say, for all are capable) is what is real—that which can be perceived by the purely loving heart, by the soul’s intuitive powers, and by the sacred gifts which lie dormant within the consciousnesses of most all human beings... in other words, the unseen hand and word of God. That is what is real.

May you come to know, see, feel, and experience more and more of that world, which is your world, which is all that is real. May you come to accept, with unconditional love, non-judgement, and non-attachment all that tempts your five lower senses into believing the unreal as being real.

- Louix Dor Dempriey

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