My Journey with You

19 March 2019

Dear Guruji,  

Feeling love in my heart again, overflowing to You and to my loved ones and everyone. It’s a great journey to walk with You. It’s worth every effort to live. The riches are incredible. It’s appreciating the small things, as well as the big, that really makes life so immense. I was hoping that I would feel this way about life, someday, sometime, and I anticipated it especially when I first met You—and it has arrived. It includes the hardships and the difficulties:  they get churned in the mix of this Life with You, this Life where I walk in ever-growing love and respect for myself too. It is that nothing gets lost either, all things that ever happened are raised up to God’s glory. Every effort, every mistake, every success purified and cleansed and polished ongoingly by God and by You. I am blessed to have You in my life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… 






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