My Guru, My Hero

If I were to play the song of my heart, it would be a symphony of instruments playing notes of love, slow and beautiful tones that would bring any soul to tears. My song would speak gentle whispers—soft, clear, and pure. Singing soulful melodies laced with gratitude:  “Thank You, God. Thank You for knowing You. Thank You for knowing me. Thank You for the honor of knowing and walking with my Guru,
Louix Dor Dempriey.”

I have heard the words “unconditional love” spoken so many times in my life. I have also thought, at each point when it was spoken, “Yes, I understand what unconditional love is!” I can safely say that, after spending even the first moment with my Guru, I still have not even an inkling of the enormity of true, unconditional love.

Louix is the embodiment of a love where judgments, thoughts, feelings, and opinions never existed. This is God’s love, and I never would have believed it—not for a second—if I had not found Him. I would have continued on with my life, accepting a struggled attempt at not reacting to others (and to what I “thought” they had done to me) as my truth of God’s love.

I am continually awe-struck:  How big can God’s love really be? How far it can reach? Every time I think I know the answer, I see Him push the threshold and love us all the more. I have witnessed Him bear what my mind perceives to be the hardest of trials I could imagine, and He has never once—not even for the smallest moment—taken one step, one glance, one thought out of this unbridled, endless love. He inspires me beyond words. As His disciple, I have the very proof and model of what I am striving for. He lives His teachings. I have a true, physical, tangible experience of what it means to love without restrictions, to love everyone without judgment, including the self.

How can one allow God’s will to be done, no matter how it might affect her? How does one stand in the face of anger? of blame? of betrayal? He has known all of these and more. I, myself (in my ego mind), have tested His love many times. Pushing, trying to see if I could prove God wrong about this love that wears no masks. But I have never won, and He has always pulled me through each lesson, shining brighter than I ever had before.

I am so grateful to Him for loving me this much, for loving everyone this much. I am inspired and moved by the immeasurable devotion He wields for all who walk through His door—and all who don’t. And the magical part is, I know that His love and acceptance will only grow, the more it is pushed, for God’s love (I am starting to realize) knows no boundaries.

If you were to ask me:  Who inspires me? Who motivates me to grow and expand myself? If you were to ask me:  Who is the one who moves me? Who ignites my heart? My answer is:  my Guru,
Louix Dor Dempriey. The single, greatest soul I have ever known. The One who said, “I will serve You, Lord,” and who lives each breath committed to His promise.

- Bonny H.
Melbourne, Australia

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