“My Forever Love”

I have always known she existed
Through hopes and dreams more than tested
Yet My heart stood strong and bore all the load
Of loves found, and then lost, along life's bumpy road
To the haven called Paradise
Where, at last, I have found you.

Omniscience, my guide
And Heaven, my mentor
Opened the door to my heart
Through which she would enter.
The Beloved of my soul
And the song of my heart
With this new love
A new life would I start.

In some ways my first love
In all ways my last
Our hearts have been fused
Held together steadfast.

You are the sum of my thoughts
Both day and night
From the Sun's first ray
'Til beyond its last light.

In you have I found
A treasure to behold
Your smiles and your tears
Are both worth more than gold.
Your beauty and goodness
Shall try to be captured
By poets and painters
Whom you've enraptured.
They'll write and they'll paint
Until they grow old
The legend of you
For Love's tale must be told.

But no rendering of you
And, yeah, there'll be many
Shall capture your fullness
Not one, not any.
For how could a camera
Contain the scent of a flower?
And how could a story
The magic of an hour?

In your eyes all can see
God's adoration of Man
And your touch, indescribable
As is your kiss on my hand
Your skin, soft and sweet
Like the day's morning dew
And your heart wields a power
That is rivaled by few.

Tender as the fawn
And pure as the dove
Let my eyes be the portals
Through which you'll know Love
The glory, the grandeur
The magic, the wonder
Of all God's creations
Both over and under.

What else can I tell you, give you, or show you?
I live only to serve you, love you, and know you.

I beg you release all restraints and defenses
And allow this true love to delight all your senses.

We are One 'til eternity
'Til forever expires
So may our love bless this world
And all the hearts it inspires.

                                                                          - Louix Dor Dempriey

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