Make God Your True Love

In answer to a question about twin-flameship, Louix reminds us that God is our "twin flame," our true Beloved, and that the romance we should place our focus on is the Divine Romance (our relationship with God). The way we enter that courtship, he explains, is by aching for, communing with, and invoking the Divine into everything that we do, all of the time. He says to "Make God your lover. Make God your best friend. Make God your everything."

Louix also explains that when we make God our focus, we experience this Divine Romance with everything in our life. This dynamic also manifests when the Divine overlights one's romantic relationship with another human being, such that both people use it as a vehicle to expand into greater levels of unconditional love and to inspire others, as well. In order to sustain and protect the sanctity of these relationships, both individuals must be constantly deferring to God, rather than becoming selfish and claiming it as their own.

Part 1

Part 2

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