Loyalty to the Guru

Q:  I recently went to a retreat with a very powerful Master, and he helped me a lot. Yesterday he came into my heart and blessed me, and many things happened. I saw both of you in my heart, helping me. Although the connection I experience with the two of you is quite different, sometimes I feel that I am betraying you because of my connection with this other Master, despite knowing that all the Masters are one. Can you please help me understand how to resolve this conflict within me?

AThat is a fair, understandable, and very legitimate question, which I am only too happy to answer.

Each person has but one true Guru, known as the Sadguru. Once that marriage is made, everything in your life comes to you and happens to you by way of his/her direct blessing and divine intervention on your behalf—including (at times) help from other Masters. Much the same way your Guru may ask you to read a certain book or see a particular healer or therapist, your Guru may also send you to work with another spiritual Master for a period of time. And this is often the case for disciples (like yourself) who lack physical proximity or access to their Gurus. Regardless of how your initial connection with this other Master occurred, make no mistake by thinking it happened by anything other than your Guru’s grace. It was your Guru who sent this Master to you in answer to your heartfelt prayer.

The loyalty to one’s Guru is paramount. As such, so long as there is no conflict between what this Master says or teaches and that of your Guru, there is no problem or issue of disloyalty. Should said conflict arise, always defer to the teaching/guidance of your Guru. Bear in mind that it is highly unlikely you will ever find two Masters whose teachings and philosophies are identical. Thus, inequities are inevitable at some point. Stay true to your Guru when and if such conflict arises, and you will have no problem.

I often send my disciples to see certain Masters and to receive their darshan. It is a great blessing. I also sometimes steer my disciples away from certain ones I know to be false, charlatans, just plain unhelpful, or potentially problematic downstream.

Thank you for reaching out. I hope this has been helpful.





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