Louix’s 2014 Holiday Message

Blessings to you, one and all…

What a Year of New Beginnings 2014 has been!! As we near the close of this year, I write this message of hope and inspiration to celebrate this glorious season of remembrance of what it is and what it means to walk in this world as unconditional love. This is what Jesus (like so many of the Great Ones) came into this world to model:  the Adam Kadmon, or, in more common terms, “the Divinely perfected human.” What he lived and demonstrated was the fullness of the human potential. What many either forgot or have chosen not to believe is that Jesus himself said that who and what he represented is the potential of every human, not just some.

In a year (2014) that has seen so much madness and scandal and fear and war, in a time when competition and greed still run rampant, where material pursuit (rather than spiritual pursuit) still holds dominion in the minds and hearts of the majority of our very divinely human race, it can sometimes seem hard to remember this inalienable truth Jesus talked and walked in this world.

At the same time, if we just take the time to look past the obvious, look past the negativity which the media tends to focus on the most, we can and will find what is true, what is real. Love abounds in this world, as do examples of it. There are many saints and saintly people walking in this world now. More people than ever before are having spiritual awakenings and experiencing dramatic changes taking hold of their lives, and often unavoidably. And there are more resources than ever before, available to those seeking to purify their minds and bodies, to find wellsprings of wisdom and spiritual teaching… with new ones being made available every day.

It has often been said that it is always the darkest hour right before the dawn. Perhaps this explains what we are now seeing in the world. Because the universe is always in perfect balance, doesn’t it make sense that when so much Light is pouring onto this planet, there would also be a commensurate amount of Darkness balancing it out? What is important, in order to stay on course, is to avoid the many (and often in-your-face) temptations to choose the lower road, to buy into temptation.

Now, more than ever, it is of paramount importance to stand strong in the face of temptation, and to increase one’s self-discipline and spiritual discipline and bring them to new heights. It also helps to not believe all that you read. Never have these words rung more true, as we watch scandal after scandal in the media. If we think back to our own life experiences, and about how many times we have felt like someone took what we said the wrong way, or misinterpreted and later misquoted something to another, we all know what it feels like to be in that position. Even witnesses at the scene often have very different accounts of what happened. The best practice I can recommend is to bless everyone and everything all the time, and to reserve judgments/assessments to those events you experience directly and personally. Let us also remember to have compassion and empathy for those who suffer at the hands of others—be it by physical, verbal (including the written word), mental, or emotional assault… regardless of circumstance.

Let us hold onto such spiritual ideals as “This, above all else, to thine own self be true” and “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” The latter includes how we speak of others.

My invitation this holiday season is for us all to be models and demonstrations of what it means to love all people equally, as God loves us, regardless of their past or present lives or choices or actions; regardless of race, gender, preference, nationality, or religion. We are all one family, one species, inhabiting this planet together, and it behooves us to share it in the spirit of harmony and cooperation.

Lastly, and above all else, I humbly ask that each person who reads this message kindly consider offering as your gift to God and this world this season, your true and full forgiveness of someone who has wronged or violated or committed perpetration against you in some way. The tidal wave of karmic transmutation and blessing that this will create in the world will garner headlines—I assure you. Please choose to be part of this miracle. The irony is:  By so doing, the one who will benefit most is YOU.

May you all have a most joyous and healthy holiday season.

With my love and eternal blessing,


Louix Dor Dempriey

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