Live Transmission from Louix – 6 Sep 2024 – ONLINE ONLY – ZOOM

Event: Live Transmission from Louix - Laguna Hills, CA
Date & Time: Friday, Sep 6th,  7:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Location: online only - Zoom

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Meeting ID: 873 8999 0106
Passcode: 396493


Cost: By donation

You are invited to experience a live, silent transmission of Divine love and blessing from Louix. This will be open to the public via Zoom.

How to best prepare for this event:

The live transmission takes the form of an eye gazing meditation, wherein Louix will be transferring Divine energy while in the exalted state of Samadhi. We recommend creating a sacred space for yourself, turning your phone off, and allowing for no interruptions while you receive this powerful healing energy. It is also highly recommended to gaze directly into Louix's eyes during the transmission, and to slow the breath into a deep meditative breathing pattern, enabling you to maximize the amount of energy you are receiving. Ultimately, listen to your heart and do whatever feels most comfortable for you.